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Ammonite banner with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan

Movie Review: Ammonite

AMMONITE has been my most anticipated movie of the year and somehow it is even better than I could have hoped for. Writer-director Francis Lee shows his magnificent filmmaking talent through this masterpiece that explores the delicate complexities of love; the brilliant composition of each shot in the scene adds so much more to the… Continue reading Movie Review: Ammonite

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner on a hill in Let Him Go

Movie Review: Let Him Go

Ever since I first saw the trailer for LET HIM GO, I held by breath that it would be a good movie worthy of Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. And…drum roll…. it is! The film is not only worthy of its lead actors, but is one of the biggest surprise hits of the year (I… Continue reading Movie Review: Let Him Go

Gillian Jacobs and child with monster in Come Play

Movie Review: Come Play

I always hold my breath around Halloween for the inevitable mediocre scary movie release, and unfortunately COME PLAY is that movie this year. Despite a great cast, it is a disappointing horror film that leans more on cheap jump scares than it does real scares. I admittedly haven’t seen LARRY, the 5 minute short this… Continue reading Movie Review: Come Play