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Interview: Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost About “The World’s End”

Since their hit British T.V. show Spaced (1999), director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have consistently collaborated on projects together. Their first hit film, Shaun of the Dead (my personal favorite of their collaborations), propelled their level of notoriety even higher and was the first film of “The Cornetto Trilogy” (which also consists of Hot Fuzz and The World’s End). The term, “The Cornetto Trilogy”, was coined after fans noticed a different flavor of the Cornetto ice cream cone in each film. In Shaun of the Dead, the flavor is strawberry (symbolizing the film’s blood and gore), in Hot Fuzz the ice cream is blue (symbolizing the police), and in The World’s End the ice cream is green (symbolizing the sci-fi aspect of the film).

Along with the symbolic flavors of the ice cream, the films in The Cornetto Trilogy also have four main similarities. First, all of the films are directed by Wright, co-written by Pegg and Wright, and star Pegg and Frost. Second, they are filmed and set in England. Third, the films focus on the characters vs. a group of people: Shaun of the Dead features humanity vs. zombies; Hot Fuzz features police officers vs. mysterious townspeople; and The World’s End features humanity vs. “aliens” (I don’t want to get too spoilery). Fourth, each of the films’ plots center around the characters’ reluctance to fully “grow up”.

Cornetto Trilogy
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While Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End do not share the same characters or general story line, it’s easy to see how the similar themes tie the films together. There are even some running jokes that the filmmakers like to throw in for those diehard fans (like myself), such as the hilarious fence-jumping bit. This is the brilliance of the trilogy; Pegg and Wright are able to write a series of movies that are just as alike as they are different. Their hilariously clever dialogue and unique film-making style make The Cornetto Trilogy a “can’t miss” for comedy fans, as well as anyone who enjoys unique movies.

Sadly, The Cornetto Trilogy has reached its end with the aptly named finale, The World’s End. This hilarious film hits theaters Friday and I (along with Dean Rogers “The Rogers Revue” and Leslie Combemale “The Movie Siren”) got the chance to conduct a roundtable interview with the English trio to discuss their writing process, things they are (or aren’t) nostalgic about, and what type of Apocalypse they would prefer to encounter (zombies vs. body snatchers). All three men were a delight to talk to, and are just as funny as you would expect them to be!

Check out the audio below (we asked the questions about the Apocalypse and what the men feel nostalgic about) and don’t miss seeing The World’s End this weekend! AMC Theaters are also running a Cornetto Trilogy night to allow fans to watch all of the films in one sitting.

Our Interview With Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost!

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