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The 25 Best Scenes (in GIFs) From “Mockingjay” That Caused Me To Need A Sedative/Morphling

Chins up, spoilers on.

As one of the biggest Hunger Games fans on the planet, I cannot pretend this “review” will be objective or professional. What I can do is assure fans that whatever you may think about Mockingjay (the book), prepare to be blown away by the movie. Personally, the book is not my favorite. However, unsurprisingly, Mockingjay is freakin’ incredible. Not as good as Catching Fire, but in all honesty, what movie is as good as Catching Fire? If you disliked the book, prepare to adore the movie. If you loved the book, have an oxygen tank and defibrillator on standby. Honestly, how can any movie go wrong when it has such incredible talent as Jennifer Lawrence, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Banks, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Jeffrey Wright, Buttercup the cat… I could go on and on.

I’ve read some :cough:stupid:cough: reviews saying Mockingjay feels like a “part 1” and is at times boring. NOPE! The movie is FAR FROM boring. There are battles scenes, bombing scenes, incredibly emotional scenes… I never looked at the clock on my phone ONCE. Well, that’s a lie I looked at my phone once towards the end of the movie when I started to panic that it was almost over. Only 15 minutes left?! NOOOOOO!!!!! Of course, Part 1 feels like it’s leading up to something, and it totally is… but that doesn’t diminish Mockingjay- Part 1 as a standalone film. There is a definitive conflict (Peeta in Snow’s grasp) and resolution (rescuing Peeta); not to mention there is absolutely no scene I would cut out. Nothing felt superfluous. If cutting Mockingjay into two films provides 4+ hours of footage, I’m in. TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY LIONSGATE!

As you can see, I am in a state of Hunger Games delirium, so let’s get to the 25 moments (in GIFs) from Mockingjay- Part 1 that almost made me scream for a sedative/morphling.

When we first see Katniss, she is traumatized from the events of Catching Fire. She’s hiding from the population of District 13 and repeating her mantra, “My name is Katniss Everdeen…” to help her cope.

Katniss Mockingjay Part 1

When we realize Katniss is clutching the pearl Peeta gave her in Catching Fire and she continues holding this pearl for the rest of the movie.

Mockingjay Katniss Pearl

Buttercup is back bitches!

Buttercup Mockingjay Poster

When Katniss finds Snow’s creepy white rose in the remains of Victors’ Village. The same white roses are later dropped on District 13 after the intense bombing campaign.

Mockingjay Katniss Rose

When Effie finds a way to make drab District 13 clothes prison-chic and gives President Coin the once-over for her fashion choices!

Effie Mockingjay GIF

When Katniss has a flashback/wishful dream of Peeta sleeping in bed with her because she is having nightmares.

Peeta Katniss Cuddling Nightmare Mockingjay

When it was apparent that Julianne Moore is the PERFECT President Coin, long grey hair and all. Loving the grey contacts too.

President Coin Mockingjay

When Katniss agrees to be the Mockingjay, but also gives President Coin her list of demands.

Katniss Demands Peeta Mockingjay

RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was an amazing actor and perfect Plutarch Heavensbee.

President Coin Julianne Moore Plutarch Phillip Seymour Hoffman Mockingjay

Whenever I can stare into Gale’s beautiful blue eyes.

Gale Liam Hemsworth Mockingjay

When we first see our bb Peeta in the Capitol’s own propaganda video and Katniss runs to the screen, happy he is alive.

Peeta Tear Propo Mockingjay

When we get our first look at Katniss’ new outfit/body armor.

Katniss Bow Outfit Mockingjay

When Katniss shows what a terrible actress she is in the propos. Must’ve been hard for our favorite Oscar-winner!

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar GIF

When Natalie F-ing Dormer makes her grand entrance as Cressida! That hair! That tattoo!

Natalie Dormer Cressida Mockingjay

When a District 8 resident asks Katniss, “Are you fighting, Katniss? Are you here to fight with us?”and she says, “I am, I will”.

I am I will Katniss Mockingjay

When Katniss shoots down two hovercrafts with a freakin’ bow and arrow. QUEEN!

Katniss Arrow Mockingjay

When Katniss tells President Snow, “If we burn, you burn with us!”

Katniss Burn With Us Mockingjay

When Jennifer Lawrence displays her AMAZING singing voice in “The Hanging Tree” song. What in the world is she talking about when she says her voice is horrible?

When Peeta warns Katniss and District 13 that they are about to be bombed, giving them enough of a head start to get to the bunker for safety!

Peeta Warning Mockingjay

When Buttercup chases the flashlight.

Cat Chasing Laser

When I caught a glimpse of Finnick’s schedule “tattooed” on his arm. Though this isn’t explained or focused-on in the movie, those of us who read the book noticed this little Easter Egg.

Finnick Katniss Mockingjay

When Gale and five other special-ops soldiers invade the Capitol to rescue the three captive Victors.

Mockingjay Gale SpecOps

When we see Johanna and her shaved head.

Johanna Mockingjay

When we see how bad the Capitol treated Peeta and he then proceeds to attack Katniss! My heart was in my stomach.

Peeta Attack Katniss Mockingjay

After the credits rolled, the sign of the Mockingjay came on-screen I realized I have to wait another YEAR for part 2! Noooooo

Mockingjay Part 1 Title

**GIFs courtesy of, Lionsgate, and Popsugar.

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