Connie Britton at White House Correspondents Dinner Event at the Canadian Embassy
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The Hill and Extra TV’s WHCD Party Brings The Glitz & Glamor!

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending The Hill and Extra TV’s party to celebrate White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend! The glitzy event was held at the gorgeous Canadian Embassy, which has one of the best views in DC. The party boasted indoor and outdoor bars, as well as stations for oysters, shrimp, smoked meat, and lobster rolls. And don’t even get me started on their specialty cocktails. If anyone has a recipe for the “Bardo Sling”, I’m all ears. Did I mention there was even a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer (aka a “Mountie”) greeting each guest and posing for pictures as they filed through the red carpet?

Speaking of guests, the stars were out in full force. Lucy Liu (ELEMENTARY), Constance Zimmer (ENTOURAGE and HOUSE OF CARDS), Connie Nielsen (THE FOLLOWING), Michael Kelly (HOUSE OF CARDS), and lots of news personalities rounded out the night. And just as the red carpet was starting to shut down, I caught Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (GAME OF THRONES) on his way inside.

Lucy Liu at WHCD party at Canadian Embassy

But NASHVILLE and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Connie Britton, who will be a guest of The Hill at the Correspondent’s dinner tomorrow night, was the highlight of my red carpet experience. I am happy to report that even though she was swarmed with fans asking for pictures throughout the entire night, she was just as lovely as you would expect, taking pictures with everyone.

As one of her biggest fans, I couldn’t help but ask about her thoughts on Amy Schumer’s parody of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, called “Football Town Nights“, to which she said, “It was so beyond brilliant. First of all, the fact that she got my little arm wave thing and she parodied it in the most amazing way… and then the wine! And you know, I really appreciate that, as an actor, because those were choices that were specifically made and you wonder if anyone even notices, or if it’s just my thing. So that was really fun. And beyond that, I really loved how, in such a humorous way, she took on a difficult and profoundly important subject. To me, that is the ultimate in brilliant satire. I was jumping up and down in my kitchen. I kept watching it over and over.”

I also couldn’t let Connie go without asking a silly question about her legendary, illustrious hair, “What would you say to the people that think touching your hair will make them immortal?” Connie replied, “I say to those people, go for it. See what happens.” So let’s see, y’all. Will I ever die?

Connie Britton at White House Correspondents Dinner Event at the Canadian Embassy
Connie Nielsen at WHCD Party at Canadian Embassy
Mountie at Canadian Embassy in Washington DC
Canadian Embassy WHCD Event

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