Vince (Adrian Grenier) on the phone with the case of Entourage
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Questions, Observations, Cameos and Easter Eggs in the ENTOURAGE Movie!

Since I just spent a week of my life re-watching ENTOURAGE so I could point out some Easter eggs for an article, let’s do this…

1. The movie begins 9 days after the series finale. Vince (Adrian Grenier) and Sophia (an absent Alice Eve) have begun the process to annul their marriage and Vince is already boozing it up with a bunch of naked women on a yacht in Ibiza.

Yacht from the Entourage movie

2. The series ended with Ari and his wife in Italy, after Ari quit being an agent. However, an end credit scene for the episode showed him being offered a job as a studio head. Apparently he took it.

Ari (Jeremy Piven) on the phone in Entourage

3. Are we just forgetting about Vince’s drug/alcohol problem from season 8? In the movie, he was boozing at parties and not only that, he was given the reigns to helm a huge, big-budget movie? I know Ari is the studio head, but I don’t think he could get away with allowing a first-time director, who is newly sober, direct a big-budget film. Would he even WANT to trust Vince with that?

Vince (Adrien Grenier) in a hoodie for Entourage movie

4. We finally get to see Vince’s Mentos commercial, which is how Ari first discovered him. We also see a picture of Eric (Kevin Connolly) flipping pizzas at Sbarro’s (where he worked before moving to LA with Vince).

Aziz Ansari gotta get me some Mentos GIF

5. Apparently Kevin Connolly is trying to cover-up this shamrock tattoo on his chest now?

Kevin Connelly shirtless in bed

6. Turtle is now a millionaire, living off of the money he made on the Avion tequila business, which is apparently a real company, from season 7 and 8.

Avion tequila bottles

7. Drama is still getting recognized from his stint on Viking Quest.

Johnny Drama in Viking Quest costume

8. Where was Ari’s daughter, Sarah, during the whole movie? Did she fall off a cliff in Italy? They didn’t even MENTION her, they just showed the (now teenage-looking) son.

Ari Gold and family in Entourage

9. Johnny Bananas, the animated show Drama created with Andrew Dice Clay, has been canceled.

Kevin Dillion standing in front of Johnny Bananas poster Entourage

10. Arnold!!

Cast of Entourage with dog Arnold

11. Ari has a meeting location argument with studio chairman John Ellis like he had with Terrance McQuewick back at the agency. Ari wants the meeting held in his office, and Terrance wants it held in his.

Ari Gold shooting assistant with water gun super soaker

12. Why was Scott Caan, a major player and business-partner in season 8, not shown or even mentioned? What is he doing now?

Scott Caan and the cast of Entourage

13. Pretty sure I saw the paintball gun, which Ari used to shoot employees at TMA, framed on the wall of his studio office.

Entourage cast meeting in room

14. What happened to Lloyd’s long-term boyfriend? Why was he replaced with Greg Louganis? Cheap ploy for another celebrity cameo? Probably.

Lloyd from Entourage at his desk

15. Ari calls Haley Joel Osment something to the effect of a “cheap version of Forrest Gump”. As you may remember, Osment played Forrest’s son in FORREST GUMP.

Haley Joel Osment as a little boy in Forrest Gump

16. When Drama’s “sex tape” leaks, many former guest stars make an appearance. For example, Tom Brady (who had a crazy golf game with Drama in season 7) laughs at it. And the gang’s old friend Dom, who is still in prison following his incarceration in season 5 for weed in his car, also sees Drama’s video and laughs.

Tom Brady with Mark Wahlberg, Vince and Turtle in Entourage

17. Celebrity guest stars: Haley Joel Osment, Billy Bob Thornton, Ronda Rousey, Emily Ratajkowski, and Piers Morgan.

Ronda Rousey wrestling in Entourage

18. 2 second cameos: Amar’e Stoudemire, Common (lifting weights in a gym), Jon Favreau, George Takei, Armie Hammer, Rob Gronkowski, Russell Wilson, Clay Matthews, Liam Neeson, Calvin Harris, Pharrell, Ed Neill, Kelsey Grammer (who makes a joke about therapy not working for his divorce… wonder what Camille will say about this?), Chad Lowe, David Faustino, David Spade, Cynthia Kirchner, Warren Buffet, Judy Greer, Richard Schiff, Matt Lauer, Maria Menounous, Alyssa Miller, T.I. and Tiny, the TMZ team, and a bunch of sports stars I probably didn’t recognize.

Armie Hammer in Entourage

19. Returning cameos: Bob Saget (being disgusting per usual), Gary Busey (being crazy per usual), Andrew Dice Clay, Billy Walsh (who is still sporting his MEDELLIN back tattoo), Dr. Marcus (the Gold family therapist), Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson (who was desperate to film a Brady Bunch movie with Jessica Simpson in season 7), Mark Cuban, and Jessica Alba (who flirted with Vince in season 1).

couples therapy scene in entourage

20. VICTORY!!!

johnny drama screaming victory

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