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The Most Oprah Moments of A WRINKLE IN TIME

I reallllllly wanted to love A WRINKLE IN TIME. First and foremost, there is the Oprah factor, or as I affectionately call her: Mama O factor. Second, Ava Duvernay is a genius and has a masterful vision. Third, the trailers were awesome, showing the diverse cast, colorful cinematography, and awesome soundtrack. And fourth, my husband Chris Pine, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon are all in the same movie. But unfortunately the sum of all of its parts did not make for a good movie.

The dialogue, while at times motivational and sweet, too often ventured into exposition and cheesiness; Charles Wallace was beyond annoying, both the character and the fact the characters kept saying his name over and over; and the film didn’t build the relationship between the characters enough for me to care. The relationship issues especially made the movie fall apart because so much is centered around the love of family. I’m sure the book had room to grow the chemistry between characters, but for the movie it felt rushed and forced.

Even though I disliked the movie, I really respect what Ava Duvernay tried to accomplish and the risks she took in bringing A WRINKLE IN TIME to the big screen. The film does have a motivational message (that it bangs you over the head with!!!) for young teens, especially girls, about bullying, body image, and self-worth that I hope will resonate with audience members. So instead of going on and on about disliking the movie, let’s instead use my vast knowledge as an Oprah subject matter expert  (seriously, her show is the reason I got a DVR in college) to look at the most Oprah moments of A WRINKLE IN TIME.

I am Oprah GIF Oprah Winfrey

1) Her presence is KNOWN throughout the entire film, whether she is making a grand entrance in a backyard, or lording over everyone at 75+ feet tall, the movie should just be titled OPRAH!

Oprah Winfrey knowing GIF

2) You better believe I noticed the tributes to Maya Angelou scattered throughout the film. Any fan knows Maya was Oprah’s mentor and mother figure; I counted at least three references to the poet laureate sprinkled throughout.

Oprah Winfrey crying GIF

3) All of the other characters in the movie are deferential to Oprah’s character, Mrs. Which… as they should be.

A Wrinkle in Time GIF with Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling

4) The Mrs. are self-described as “big hearted” and respond to distress. Everyone knows that is an Oprah specialty, helping people out in their time of need. In this case it was Meg and her friends.

Oprah You get a car GIF

5) When Reese Witherspoon turns into a flying leaf, and you want to kill Charles Wallace, you realize the Oprah factor means you won’t stop watching this film NO MATTER WHAT.

Oprah singing GIF

6) She takes us to church with her motivating presence. She makes everyone feel good about themselves promoting self-worth, and having faith in who you are…

Oprah saying you make me proud GIF

7) ….especially women. Oprah has a special relationship with Meg, being Meg’s mentor and making her feel smart and beautiful, exactly like Oprah does for her girls’ school in South Africa.

Oprah saying I want you to win GIF

8) She doesn’t put up with any b.s. from “it” aka darkness.

Oprah slapping GIF
Tom Cruise zapping Oprah GIF

9) She vows to bring HOPE back.

Oprah saying a new day is on the horizon speech GIF

10) No matter what she does, she is ALWAYS Oprah and that’s what makes her perfection.

You real mad Oprah GIF

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