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Movie Review: The Hunt

It’s both surprising and disappointing that THE HUNT received so much flack last year, which ultimately resulted in it being “canceled.” And this was before anyone had actually seen it. Thankfully for us, Universal saw it had a hit on its hands and put the film back on the release calendar, leaving us with an entertaining, hilarious, and utterly brutal sign-of-the-times satire. 

Emma Roberts and Justin Hartley with weapons in The Hunt

It is kismet that THE HUNT was postponed because of the very politics at which it is poking fun. If the film’s critics had bothered to wait and see what it was about, they would recognize it is a biting satire that roasts Democrats as much as it does Republicans. And I would expect no less from two of my favorite screenwriters, Damon Lindelof and Nick Cuse, who wrote a creative and smart script. Lindelof and Cuse created one of my favorite shows of all time, THE LEFTOVERS, and I saw that same level of incredible world-building and atmosphere in THE HUNT. 

I don’t want to give away too much about the movie because it is full of so many twists and turns and I fear any serious description will make the movie seem more politically unbalanced than it actually is… so please bear with me. The movie opens on a private plane of elites heading off to enjoy a nice vacation. Juxtapose that to twelve strangers waking up in a HUNGER GAMES-esque clearing having no idea how they got there and what is happening to them. It isn’t until unseen adversaries begin shooting at them that they realize their lives are in danger. Now they need to find a way to escape their assailants and, oh yeah, avoid the landmines and spike pits. Did I mention this movie isn’t for those with weak stomachs? 

Betty Gilpin holding a gun outside of a gas station in The Hunt

Betty Gilpin. I first became obsessed with her when watching her incredible performance in GLOW, but now I am somehow an even bigger fan. From her first moments on-screen, Gilpin takes control of the movie and makes it her own. I can’t say too much about her role, but she is even more badass than she is in GLOW and that’s saying a lot. Hollywood, did you know she can sing too? Please cast her in everything from now on. K thanks.

It kills me that this movie probably isn’t going to get the viewership it deserves, due in part to that pesky little problem of the coronavirus. I get that you don’t want to risk getting sick by sitting in a movie theater with the potential INFECTED! And no, I am not saying you should risk your health to see THE HUNT on the big screen. All I am saying is if you are feeling particularly brave this weekend (or notice your local theater looks fairly empty) you will not be disappointed. At the very least, promise you will save it for your Netflix queue when it comes out on DVD?

My review: A

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