John Paul Reynolds and Sunita Mani walking on a road in Save Yourselves
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Movie Review: Save Yourselves!

It’s hard to believe that a movie like SAVE YOURSELVES! was made before we really knew what 2020 had in store for us with COVID-19 and the great quarantine. But to put it mildly, the film is extremely prescient… especially as current events and being locked up inside has made us exceedingly conscientious about the effects of being glued to our phones. Although the film starts as a small, contained story about a Brooklyn couple who decide to go “off the grid” for a week, it quickly turns into an alien invasion thriller that has incredibly high stakes (and a lot of comedic elements along the way). 

John Paul Reynolds and Sunita Mani sitting on a couch in Save Yourselves

Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani) are caught up in the same daily routine, working their same jobs, and using social media as entertainment instead of interacting as much with each other and friends. To change things up, they decide to take a friend up on staying in his remote cabin for a week and challenge each other to reset by not turning on their phones or the television the entire time and instead focusing on their relationship. 

Although the thought of no cell phones for a week may sound like a horror story, the true horror is that while the two are living in ignorant bliss :ahem: quarantining in the woods, the world is falling down around them thanks to an alien invasion of furry “poofs.” It isn’t until they notice one of these mysterious poofs in their cabin that they realize something is seriously wrong. But is it too late for them to get to safety… if there even *is* safety anymore. And will this life or death situation be the real catalyst to bring the couple back together?

John Paul Reynolds holding a bottle of wine and flashlight in Save Yourselves

What I liked most about SAVE YOURSELVES! is that writer-directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson expertly combine all of my favorite film genres: romantic comedy, drama, thriller, science fiction, and a touch of horror. The film really finds its comedic stride when it focuses on our yuppie lead characters trying to use their knowledge of sourdough starters, internet quizzes, and perishable, organic vegetables to survive the apocalypse. 

And speaking of, I loved the hilarious clues that they let viewers see (but not our lead characters) to show this holiday may not be as relaxing as Sue and Jack intended. I bet there is even more we will pick up on in a second viewing. And apart from some over-the-top comedic scenes, I found the characters’ freakout episodes relatable and refreshing, a version of how I would probably react if facing an apocalyptic scenario. 

Because this may be the first time you’re even hearing about this SAVE YOURSELVES!, I wanted to make sure to review it and help generate some buzz. It truly is a fun, quirky (and at times scary) film that I hope finds its audience. 

My Review: B

SAVE YOURSELVES! is available to rent/buy on streaming platforms, including Amazon.

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