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The Best Villaneve Scenes in Killing Eve + Season 4 Review

I am a KILLING EVE fan first and a tv/movie critic second. I’ve been captivated with this show since it first came out in 2018, which has manifested in numerous series rewatches and always having it at the top of my TV recommendation lists. I love that the series is at its essence a story about women and that each season is led by a female show runner. If you are looking for a show that passes the Bechdel Test, KILLING EVE should be the shining example.

But even more than the plot lines, my main obsession is the relationship between the main characters Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh), also known by their ship name “Villaneve.” They are my favorite will they/won’t they couple on television and I have spent honestly way too much time over the last 4 years scouring the internet for any clues over where the women’s relationship will end up; if you’re a Villaneve fan account on Twitter, there’s a good chance I follow you.

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I was lucky enough to screen the first three episodes of KILLING EVE season 4, and I am nervously excited for fans to see where Eve and Villanelle are post-bridge scene. Both women are on different paths, but we have no information on how they got there and what happened right after the bridge. Eve :ahem: dark Eve is focused on tracking down members of The Twelve, using some of Villanelle’s tactics to do so. One particular scene is very reminiscent of Villanelle’s trips to Eve’s house; I’ll leave it at that. Villanelle, on the other hand, is still raw from the events of season 3 and is trying to redeem herself by turning to the church to be the best Christian she can be. But is she trying to get absolution for herself or for a certain “Asian woman with amazing hair?”

Of course, the KILLING EVE writers know just what to do to start the season off with a fresh, creative bang, while still leaning on the amazing characters and relationships built along the way. Comer and Oh are, no surprise, at the top of their game and really get to explore new facets of their characters this season; they remain my favorite performances on television. Without giving away any spoilers (my apologies to the fan accounts), I think we are in for some of the best Villaneve content this season. Don’t be dismayed if the first two episodes don’t give you everything you want shipping-wise; I think show runner Laura Neal and the powers that be are saving the good stuff for the back half of the season.

Villaneve’s relationship is the heart, soul, and backbone of KILLING EVE and it’s clear the writers are aware of that. When Villanelle or Eve are on their own, we know each is still thinking about and pining after her other half… even when it’s unspoken, even when it’s hidden behind pain; that fact is even more apparent in season 4. It’s clear that this season is ramping up to Villaneve finally having to define their relationship once and for all. And you better believe I am rooting for them to have a nice life… cool flat… fun job… and watch movies together.

Note: I will be here for a group therapy session after episode 3.

With all of that said, I took it upon myself to list my favorite major Villaneve moments from the last three seasons; I left out some of the more “minor” moments to keep my list at a reasonable limit. I can’t wait to add more from season 4. MANY spoilers for seasons 1-3 below, so read at your own risk.

Wear It Down (Season 1, Ep 1)

I had to include this scene because it is the first scene where Villanelle and Eve meet… and Villanelle begins her obsession with Eve’s hair (I think we all fell in love with Eve’s hair this episode). However, it isn’t until later that they figure out each other’s identities.

Sorry Baby (Season 1, Ep 4)

Villanelle’s “Sorry Baby” note is the most iconic symbol from the series and what I most associate with Villaneve’s relationship. Villanelle sends Eve the note after stealing her luggage and stocking it with new, nicer items for her wardrobe. You can see one of the chosen dresses in the next scene below.

I Just Want To Have Dinner With You (Season 1, Ep 5)

Villanelle comes to Eve’s house to talk over dinner (leftover shepherd’s pie) and is shocked that Eve is so scared of her. This scene, so early in the series, really establishes the insane chemistry between Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, which permeates throughout every scene in the series but is especially red hot whenever they are in the same room together.

I Think About You All The Time (Season 1, Ep 8)

Instead of having a happy moment in Villanelle’s Parisian apartment, season 1 ends with Eve stabbing Villanelle. Still, the KILLING EVE writers were at least nice enough to throw in some romantic moments, where the two discuss how obsessed they are with each other, some of which may be a little too NSFW for this article. And honestly, I feel this Villanelle quote deep in my bones, “[I want] normal stuff. Nice life. Cool flat. Fun job. Someone to watch movies with.” If season 4 doesn’t end with Villaneve watching a movie together, I don’t want it.

Are You Scared? (Season 2, Ep 5)

This and the dance scene in season 3 may be my favorite. The tension leading up to this moment is OFF THE CHARTS and is the first time Villaneve are in such close proximity since Eve stabbed Villanelle in Paris. Eve puts a hit out on herself to lure Villanelle to her apartment to help her with a mission. This is the first time we see Eve completely trust Villanelle without the fear she had in season 1. Admittedly, I also am a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and Villanelle’s black dress in this scene is my favorite from the whole series.

I Feel Things When I’m With You/You’re Mine (Season 2, Eps 7 & 8)

I tied episodes 7 and 8 together because they go so hand-in-hand and have some of my favorite moments. In episode 7, Villanelle tells Eve she “feels things” when she is with her and things get even more spicy when Eve sleeps with Hugo, but only because she is listening to Villanelle in her ear.

Phew, the season 2 finale may not have the happiest of endings for Villaneve, but it sure does have good shipping moments leading up to that. Eve tries to save Villanelle, thinking she is in trouble, and ends up killing a man with an axe! The situation backfires when the two start to run away together and Eve discovers Villanelle may have set up the situation to bring out Eve’s darkness. Still, the amazing “You’re mine” scene in the Roman ruins is *chef’s kiss*.

Smell Me, Eve (Season 3, Ep 3)

Honestly, all of episode 3 is a “best of” Villaneve episode. From Villanelle making a stuffed animal with her voice saying “Admit it Eve. You wish I was here”, to making a signature perfume, to manhandling Eve on a bus and Eve initiating a kiss… this episode is hall of fame.

Are You Leading Or Am I? (Season 3, Ep 8)

Every time I try to pick my favorite Villaneve scene, I compare it to this one. Everything about it is perfect: Villaneve dancing and talking about the future, Villanelle letting her guard down… I could go on.

My Monster Encourages Your Monster (Season 3, Ep 8)

This could be a sad scene for some, but I love the way Villaneve speak about their relationship with Saoirse Ronan’s song “Tell Me” playing in the background. The scene inevitably ends with hope—although they could turn from each other and go separate ways, they inevitably show that they can’t do that. Many people scream at their TVs during sports games; I scream at my TV for Eve and Villanelle to turn around and look at each other again.

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  1. OMG I’m now officially ready for S4 after watching all these Villaneve clips! Thank you. There better be plenty more to add to the list this season. If we don’t get Villaneve in a true relationship at some point I’ll be devastated (and pissed haha).

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