Lindsay Lohan Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas walking down street
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Movie Review: Falling for Christmas

I hate that people are saying FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS is the “comeback” for Lindsay Lohan, because for us LiLo fans, the queen has never left! It is so good seeing Lohan use her comedic talent and charisma onscreen again in an endearing, cheerful film. I hope this is just the start of some more fun projects to come.

Anyone who reviews FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS as though it is IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE or an Oscar contender is doing the film (and you as an audience member) a disservice. This should be seen as a feel-good Hallmark-adjacent Christmas romantic comedy that never takes itself too seriously and is a fun way to welcome in the holiday season. Is the story new? No. Are the CGI skiing scenes hilariously bad? Yes. Is the film cheesy? Absolutely. But that is the fun!

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan in Falling for Christmas
Courtesy of Netflix

To be clear, if you don’t think you can find humor in a woman that gets amnesia from a skiing accident caused by her too-big engagement ring causing her to careen off of a cliff, this film isn’t the one for you. But let’s get into it. Sierra (Lohan) is a hotel heiress that is being groomed to work in the family business by her dad. But her influencer boyfriend Tad (George Young) is more worried about clicks than he is their budding romance. When he finally proposes with a much-too-big ring, indicating how little he knows about his betrothed, Sierra accidentally skis away and ends up at a local ski lodge owned by Jake (Chord Overstreet). The lodge is in trouble of going under due to competition from local AirBnBs and Sierra’s family’s nearby ski resort.

Sierra awakens not knowing who she is, but wonders why no one has come looking for her. With the help from Jake, his daughter, and mother-in-law, Sierra sets off to discover who she is. And what kind of rom-com would this be if she didn’t find some chemistry with Jake along the way?

Again, the script is definitely not new (think OVERBOARD in the snow) and, if I’m being honest, feels like it was grabbed off of the screenwriter assembly line… or was written by an internet bot that has read a bunch of rom-coms and used an algorithm to spit this one out. But again, I am perfectly fine acknowledging that novel screenwriting was not the point of this movie.

Lindsay Lohan Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas
Courtesy of Netflix

The real highlights of the film are of course Lindsay Lohan’s performance and the fun soundtrack. Of course the soundtrack features Lohan’s version of “Jingle Bell Rock,” which she iconically performed in MEAN GIRLS. But it also has some other bangers, like “All Out Of Love” by Airsupply. Lohan once again shows that she belongs on the silver screen, exuding the charm and humor we have all loved for so many years. It’s clear that she is the main draw of the film, and I am glad director Janeen Damian acknowledges that, consistently showing why she is so magnetic.

Am I being overly generous in this review? Probably, but no one in the film is under the illusion that FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS is anything more than a fun holiday romp in the snow that will be fun to watch from your couch with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. And honestly, that sits well with me.

My Review: C+

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